Depth of anesthesia and sedation monitor MGA-06

Simple and safe
Simple and safe
Depth of Anesthesia and sedation monitor MGA-06 is a monitor assessing depth of anesthesia and designed to improve patient safety through long and continuous monitoring of the Brain Activity Index (AI)
  • Small-size 
  • Mobile
  • Easy fits to any environment due to the reliable clamp
  • Light weight
  • No routine maintenance
Accurate monitoring of sedation level
Accurate monitoring of sedation level
3 ECG-electrodes are placed on the fronto-temporal lobes of the patient

of application

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01 /
Anesthesiology, including perioperative period
Anesthesiology, including perioperative period
02 /
Intensive care
Intensive care
03 /
04 /
Procedural sedation
Procedural sedation

Technical characteristics

Patient age groups

Adults, pediatric


5" color, touch screen

Measurement method

Data processing of one electroencephalogram lead

Weight of the device 0.8 kg 
 Power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Built-in battery at least 2 hours of operation 
 Displayed parameters Brain Activity Index
EEG Signal Suppression Rate
EEG Signal Quality Index
Electromyographic component level
Electrodes impedance (Z1-Z3)
 Trends  AI, EMG
72 hours
 Alarms Visual and sound alarm 

" Created with Sketch. With continuously raising requirements to ensuring patient‘s safety, physicians have to provide more careful control of using anesthetics, hypnotic drugs or sedatives

Operates with inhalation and intravenous anesthetics
Low cost in operation
Kit from 3 typical ECG-electrodes is used for a measurement
Patient safety
Individual selection of sedative doses
User friendly interface
Intuitive interface, sensitive touchscreen
Depth of anesthesia and sedation monitor MGA-06
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Interpreting AI (Brain Activity Index) data
Interpreting AI (Brain Activity Index) data
According to a generally accepted classification of anesthesia stages.

90–100  Awake
80–90  Anesthesia stage I – light sedation
60–80  Anesthesia stage II – sedation
40–60  Anesthesia stage III – surgical state
30–40  Anesthesia stage IV – deep anesthesia, BS (burst – suppression) patterns emerge
20–30  Anesthesia stage V – deeper anesthesia compared to stage IV, length of suppression episodes may reach 10 seconds
0–10  Anesthesia stage VII – extremely deep anesthesia, suppression episodes constitute 75% and more of the whole signal duration

Interpreting AI (Brain Activity Index) data
To improve patient`s safety
To improve patient`s safety
You can use Depth of anesthesia and sedation monitor MGA-06 with Multigas Analyzer AMG-06.

AMG-06 is intended for continuous noninvasive side-stream monitoring of СО& anesthetics concentration in inspired and expired gases. The device also determines RSP, apnea, MAC index and measures atmospheric pressure in operating rooms and wards when providing anesthetic support.

To improve patient`s safety

Documents and manuals

Depth of Anesthesia Monitor Treaton MGA-06
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