Indirect calorimetry module

Intended use
Intended use
The device is intended for continuous non-invasive monitoring of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration and resting energy expenditure (REE) of ventilated patients.
Measured parameters
Measured parameters
O2 consumption (VO2),
CO2 elimination (VCO2),
Resting energy expenditure (REE),
Respiratory quotient (RQ)
Clinical value
Clinical value
Experience has shown that the individualized program of nutritional support for 3–4 days of treatment in ICU using the metabolic module significantly reduces:
frequency of nosocomial infections;
consumption of antibacterial drugs;
duration of artificial ventilation.

of application

01 / 05
01 /
Operating rooms
Operating rooms
02 /
Intensive care unit
Intensive care unit

Technical Specification

Operation principle

Non-dispersive infrared spectrophotometry (NDIR)

External interface


Initialization time

Maximum 10 s

Gas sampling rate

Admissible absolute deviation

50–250 ml/min.

±10 ml/min in absolute terms or ±10% in relative one (the biggest from the values)

СО2 concentration measurement range

(СО2 partial pressure)

Admissible absolute deviation:
СО2 concentration

СО2 partial pressure

0–20 vol.% (resolution 0.01)

0–150 mmHg (resolution 0.01)

± (0.2 vol.%+0.02 · Cmeas)

± (1.5 mmHg+0.02 · Cmeas)

O2 concentration measurement range
Admissible absolute deviation
0–100 vol.% (resolution 0.1)
± (2.5 vol.%+0.025 · Cmeas)
Calculated REE parameters:
O2 consumption (VO2)
CO2 elimination (VCO2)
Resting energy expenditure (REE)
Respiratory quotient (RQ)

10–1000 ml/min
10–1000 ml/min
72–7200 kcal/day
Response time
Maximum 3 s (at sampling rate 250 ml/min)
Rise time
Maximum 0.2 s (at sampling rate 250 ml/min)
90×98×160 mm     
Power. Voltage
5.0 V± 5%
maximum 0.8 A
Device weight
0.7 kg

Documents and manuals

Treaton OEM Solutions for Anesthesiology and Respiratory Support
Indirect calorimetry module
SOP (Standard operation procedure) of Indirect calorimetry measurement
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